Photoaging is evidenced by the appearance of spots, wrinkles and sagging. 

At Fernández Medical Center we have the ideal professionals and the most advanced laser equipment such as ETHEREA to be able to offer different treatments personalized for each patient.

Laser treatment to eliminate dark spots is safe, selective, does not require anesthesia, has good recovery and allows satisfactory results.

  1. It is used in COMBINATION with other treatments 
  2. It can be done all year round
  3. It should always be accompanied by PHOTOPROTECTION 
  4. The number of sessions in the initial circuit with the laser varies depending on the patient's needs. 
  5. The frequency of treatment can be biweekly or monthly depending on the protocol selected for the patient. 
  6.  Annual maintenance is suggested with 1 or 2 sessions. 


  • Number of sessions: 1 to 6 sessions
  • Interval: biweekly or monthly


  • In the office: depigmentation peeling, depigmentation mesotherapy, IPL, platelet-rich plasma. 
  •  At home: depigmenting creams, drinkable collagen.

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