Ambulatory Lipid Mini-extraction

Nowadays, patients in aesthetics look for a faster result and less complex treatments, with the least post-treatment inactivity to return to their daily activities as soon as possible. At the same time, bad eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle and even stress, very common these days, make consultations for localized adiposity one of the most frequent in our office.
At Fernández Medical Center we consider multidisciplinary work with a team specialized in localized reduction treatments to be essential. The nutritional plan provided by our nutritionists will serve as a guide to then deepen the non-invasive aesthetic treatment with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology.
However, there are cases where it is necessary to make the approach a little more complex in order to achieve visible results. Here we recommend the new LAM, which consists of a very localized liposuction, with minimal discomfort (due to local anesthesia) and without hospitalization. The duration of the procedure is only a few minutes and the aftercare is simple and reproducible at home. The most attractive thing is that the result is usually very fast and that after treatment it is possible to resume daily activities without problems, with just a few precautions.

Furthermore, at Fernández Medical Center we have fully equipped operating rooms and we DO NOT perform this treatment in the office. We consider that no office provides the necessary antisepsis and biosafety and any liposuction practice must be carried out under strict regulations and in a favorable environment.

The treatment is performed in our operating rooms and without added value to the cost of the treatment.
After a few minutes of recovery in a private room and with a small amount of healing in the area, the patient can return home with the instructions of our professionals. Combined with ultrasound treatments and lymphatic drainage, the change is faster, longer lasting and more visible.

That is why we recommend a prior consultation with our specialist to establish the precise diagnosis and find with the patient the indicated treatment that provides the greatest result with less cost and time because at Fernández Medical Center the well-being and health of our patients is our priority. .

Post-treatment recommendations
• Do not touch healing
• Relative rest
• Do not expose yourself to heat
• Do not take aspirin
• Cold compresses

When we see results
Patience during the first days is important. It is necessary to be able to use a girdle for as long as possible and avoid straining. After a few days it may be necessary to remove one or two stitches per area. The edema goes down in the first weeks, and with the help of ultrasound and lymphatic drainage it goes even faster.
Surgical time: minutes.
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia.
Hospitalization: Ambulatory.
Duration of results: Definitive. After 2 – 3 weeks you can get an approximate idea of the final result.


Frequent questions

1Can it be done with anesthesia? If not, does it hurt?
The treatment is performed with local anesthesia only in the area to be treated. The discomfort is minimal since it is a localized treatment.
2Can the removed fat be applied to another part of the body?
Localized fat can be placed in another part of the body but this leads to another more complex treatment, Lipoinjection.
3Does post treatment hurt? What should I and what should I not do during those days?
The post-treatment is painless, there are brief discomforts and it is possible to continue with daily life. It is advisable to rest for a few days and avoid sun exposure.
4Is it done in the office or in an operating room?
LAM is not performed in offices, it is always treated in an operating room to have all the necessary care in the treatment.
5Do I need prior consultation?
Yes, a prior consultation is necessary to be able to establish the bases of the treatment with the patient.

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